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[This article is dedicated to my dearest Eri and our best mate Kris Dockx. Thanks for your support and company in this way.]

There is an exciting time ahead. Everywhere I look I see changes around:

1. There is my professional life: employeed since 1995 I dare my first entrepreneurship as a consultant for software development and logistic processes.

2. The Java world: IBM will (most likely) takeover of Sun and Oracle in return will (most likely) takeover of Red Hat. There you might forget that JEE6 and Spring 3.0 is upon us. [Those were the days when Solarmetric came along without BEA and BEA without Oracle :-)]

From a global and political point of view we are sailing in different waters as well. Last year Barack Obama made a swept into a historic victory. The message he sent has reached many people all over the world: Yes we can!

And yes, we are also facing a financial and economical crisis. Yes, we are good in moaning and complaining about things that went wrong and could be done better.

Though I am optimistic about my future and those close to me.

And here I am, for all my lore: healthy, standing on my own feet, with basic equipment and ready to build something new with my bare hands.

With this blog I will share my opinions about:

1. Open Source and its Community
2. Java
3. Transport and Logistics

Java what? Isn’t that some unknown big island? Yes, right. That’s why I will ONLY focus on:

– JEE (and its upcoming major release 6)
– Spring (and its upcoming major release 3)
– Clustering and HA solutions
– Integration (with the usual suspects EIP, ESB, EAI and JBI)
– ORM (like JDO and JPA)

And what’s so interesting about Transport and Logistics? Well this is the business I am doing since the last 9 years – with a soft spot for:

– Resource Planning
– Process Modelling (like trains on drivers and locomotives)
– Optimization and its goals in the strategic, tactical and operative planning process

From time to time I will post some articles about:

– People in focus
– Reports from my Microcosmos

So long and YES I CAN!

P.S.: Please share your opinion and feel free to leave a comment below (emails are not published) or contact me.


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