Java, Open Source & Resource Planning

We are an independent software consultancy and development company.

We realize Java, Open Source and Resource Planning projects.
We work with passion to fulfill the needs of our customers.

AlienSource stands for

We highlight the sustainability and cooperation to our customers and partners:

  1. Alien: How do you aim future-oriented solutions?
    Our strategy is to explore and achieve concepts and solutions!
  2. Source: How do you deliver the best solution and highest quality?
    Our operations is to benefit from Open Source and proven solutions!

Business Areas

  1. Open Source and Java solutions
    Our Strategy:
    We support you in your software projects using proven Java and Open Source solutions. Our expertise and focus covers Java Enterprise Edition, Persistency, Master Data, Enterprise Integration and SOA solutions.

    Your Customer Value:
    Our know-how and best practices in the software architecture and design (like JEE, JPA and SOA), development using market proofed Java and Open Source solutions (like JUnit, Eclipse, JBoss, Spring) including our cooperation with the experts at SpringSource, Oracle and JBoss.

  2. Resource Planning solutions
    Our Strategy:
    We support you in your software projects concerning resource planning, evaluation of IT-based planning solutions including project management und execution, initial operation and user training in the MRP and ERP area.

    Your Customer Value:
    Our 10-year expertise and experience for resource planning systems. It starts from requirements analysis through process modelling until realisation and going into operations of a resource planning system.

Success Stories and Projects

  1. Railway Planning solutions:
    The system is 24×7 in production for Railway customers from whole Europe. It is a planning system of all(!) resources (ERP) and covers the whole operations.
  2. Integration platform:
    It is an independent platform allowing data exchanges in a heterogeneous system. The platform is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and based on Spring Integration and Enterprise Integration Patterns.
  3. Further projects, solutions and proof-of-concepts:
    Clustering, messaging, XML serialization, ORM and persistency, WebServices et. al.

Tai Truong – Curriculum Vitae

1998/10 Diploma of Business Administration with a Major in Business Informatics, bustec computer GmbH, DE-Freiburg March im Breisgau
1994/06 German University Entrance Diploma (Hochschulreife), Economical Secondary School Max-Weber-Schule, DE-Freiburg im Breisgau
Professional Education
2009/03 Effective Personal Leadership, Management On-the-Job Training, CH-Hägendorf
2007/05 Java Generics, Training, CH-Hägendorf
2004/11 Effective Java, oose.de Training, DE-Hamburg
2004/05 Design Patterns and Software Architecture, Sun Training, CH-Zürich
2001/07 Project Management, Seminar, CH-Zürich
1998/03 Certificate of Training Supervisor (Ausbildereignungsprüfung), IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee, DE
Work Experience
now AlienSource Ltd. lia. Co., CEO, CH-Hägendorf
03/2003-04/2009 Qnamic AG, Vice President Product Development, CH-Hägendorf
Strategic: CTO Assistant and Executive Support: Defining Business Cases and Programs / Support Budget Plans, Leadership Group, Operational and Organizational Structure
Personel and Budget Responsibility
Product and Core Development: Defining Product Architecture, Framework, Road Map, Guidelines (Technologies, Best Practices) / Technical lead in Core and Products (Master Data Management, Integration Platform, Platform, PlanOpt etc.)
Research & Academia: Evaluations, Proof-of-Concepts (Open Source, Optimization, Jboss, Clustering, Spring, DB, ORM, Java) / Practical Projects, Bachelor and Diploma Thesis
Tactic: Development: RailOpt Suite (Traffic, Depot, Cleaning, On-Board and People) / Release Plans, Testing, Code Quality/ Distributed Team (CH, RO, RU), Coordination and Prioritization
Customer Projects: Workshops, Trainings, Deployment, and Consulting IT Strategy
Sales Support: Project Analysis / Pre-Sales / Workshops, PoCs and Conference-Room-Pilots
HR and Knowledge Management: Recruiting / Training On-the-Job / Supervising
Sales Support: Project Estimates / Pre-Sales / Workshops, Proof-of-Concepts and Conference-Room-Pilots
HR and Knowledge Management: Recruiting and Supervising / Training On-the-Job / Trainings for the Development and Consulting Department
Technology Marketing: Representation at International Expositions / University Lectures (FHNW, ETH Zürich) / JUGS Events
03/2000-02/2003 SKYVA Schweiz AG, Senior Consultant, CH-Hägendorf
Project Leader: Development of Planning and Production Software in EVS Project (Einsatzplanungs- und Verrechnungssystem) for the BLS
Set-up Trainings Department: Courses, Train-the-Trainer
Support Sales and Pre-Sales, Representation at International Expositions
10/1997-12/1999 bustec computer GmbH, Manager IT & Sales, DE-Freiburg March im Brsg.
Training and Graduated Diploma in Business Administration with a Major in Business Informatics
SUN Value Added Reseller, Product Manager (UltraSPARC Server Stations), Trainer
10/1995-09/1997 University of Applied Sciences (DE-Lörrach) and Marquette Hellige GmbH (General Electric), Trainee, DE-Freiburg im Breisgau
Training and Graduated Diploma in Business Administration Assistant with a Major in Business Informatics

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